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What is Garage Online Sale?

Garage Online Sale™ is a Canadian curated online marketplace for selling gently used designer furniture and premium home decor. Its mission is to encourage Canadians to reuse and resell their furniture locally, making more sustainable choices when furnishing their homes. Garage Online Sale is a Toronto-based, female-owned business, providing a technology that enables commerce between sellers and buyers as well as offering Curated Sale Services.

How do I buy things from Garage Online Sale?
Read the full instruction here. GOS Concierge manages the sales process. Contact GOS Concierge (bottom righthand side of your screen) to request more information on any items posted on the website. Our concierge will contact the seller from the email As soon as both seller and buyer are happy with the terms, the buyer will be invited to make a purchase and arrange a pickup.

Can I arrange a viewing? 
Yes, you can ask GOS Concierge to request a viewing of the item. The seller will be asked to provide their credit card information before they meet with a buyer.

Do you market and promote the listings?
Yes, we provide an extensive marketing and promotion of items posted by trusted sellers. Each listing  receives from 50,000 to 1,500,000 views. We post a lot of our items on Instagram, but it is not our key marketing channel.

What items can I sell on Garage Online Sale?
The full list of items is available here

What items are prohibited for Garage Online Sale publications?
Every listing is moderated. We do not allow illegal items like recreational drugs, medicine, prescription drugs, alcohol, guns, mattresses, food, makeup, or broken,  very used items. See Terms of Use.

What is the Stripe system?
We use Stripe as our payment provider. Here is more information about Stripe and full instruction on how to set up seller's account.

Can I use PayPal?
No, PayPal is no longer available.

Where does Garage Online Sale operate?
Everywhere...))) We do not limit your geography of sales. But we are focusing on growing our presence, marketing, and sales across Canada. 

What should I do if my listing was declined?
Check our Listing guide. Most likely, you've violated one of three rules:
  • We only accept items in gently-used or great condition.
  • Poor photography. We can't promote and market your listing if the photos are bad. 
  • Unacceptable item. 

What are the fees to sell on Garage Online Sale?
Garage Online Sale ™ charges sellers a 20% commission. Applicable taxes are included in the seller's price. Buyers are not charged any fees or commissions. Read full Terms here. 

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