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Guide: How To Buy

Shopping on Garage Online Sale is easy:

  1. Sign up or log in to your account.
  2. Click "Shop All Listings"
  3. Apply filters to the list -- time used, brand, color, material, price.
  4. Choose the item you like, and contact GOS Concierge to arrange the sale. You can ask about specific details of the item or request more photos. GOS Concierge will contact the seller and negotiate the sale for you. 
  5. When both the seller and the buyer are happy with the terms, the buyer will be invited to make a payment and arrange a pickup of the item(s).
  6. If the seller is using Stripe payment system, the buyer should mark the sale 'Completed' to trigger the fund release to the seller. (Read more about the Stripe translation process here
  7. Fees: Garage Online Sale ™ charges sellers a 20% commission. Buyers have no commissions or charges. Read full Terms here.
  8. Enjoy your purchase! 
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Updated - January 2023. 

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